Hello guys!

My wishes are that you have a great New year. Graffiti put us together as a family. Doesn’t matter witch country are you from, or your color. What matters is that you fight for the same purpose witch is freedom to express yourself.

Our community at the Flickr hit up over 1000 photos and its has been a great help to us keep building the new book. The book is 100% about u. ZERO % commercial and ZERO money back to We got ZERO money from everything we do and who got everything back is you who contribute.

Also thanks for hit our web site!People from all over the world have been a big support to us.

This year was a hard year to me and for many people. Sometimes I had to stop the project and focus on my  personal life. 2011 will gonna be e great year for all of us. lets keep going!!!!

My greats a best wishes from USA/BRAZIL!!!

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